1-3 July 2019

In honour of Professor Eric Dunning (1936–2019)



We are holding an interdisciplinary workshop which aims to highlight the importance of using different research methods such as visual, biographical, historical and other forms of life/personal documents.

The workshop is open to students who wish to do things differently in their research and to introduce or deepen their knowledge of Norbert Elias’ Processual Sociology.  As well as lectures from world renowned experts on mixed methods and Elias’ work, there will be small group discussions and presentations by current and former doctoral students.

The workshop title “Doing Things Differently” symbolises the intent to provide a springboard from which further research opportunities can be developed, enabling attendees to be immersed in an environment that promotes open-minded and open-ended research.

The workshop will be held at our newly refurbished home in 107–111 Princess Road East, Leicester, LE1 7LA.  Details on location can be found here.

Attendees will need to pay for their travel and accommodation, but we have obtained funding to cover the cost of the workshop – including refreshments, the trip and poster printing, etc.  Tickets are no longer available.

The 3rd day will consist of a NO COST field work visit to the village that was the setting for Elias and Scotson’s famous The Established and The Outsiders study.  This visit aims to emphasise the importance of applying research to real-world and real-life environments.

The final programme of events can be found here.

There is an opportunity for attendees to create A2 posters for presentation of their work.  The cost of printing the A2 posters will be covered by the workshop organisers. N.B. The deadline for the posters has now passed.  For guidance on templates and formats for the poster, click here.  Our email address is:  The completed posters will be displayed in the workshop and attendees are welcome to present them during the event.

We have created a Twitter and Instagram page.  These are to keep you up to date on the event and we will be using this to live tweet questions and answers during the event.  The Instagram page will also have live stories during the workshop and it is hoped this will ignite ideas of using social media for future research projects.  Please click on the logos or search for: @DoingThingsDif2 (Twitter) and @dtd_workshop to find our pages.

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